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And it's time to lift the veil... - The Classy Motherf*cker Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Classy Motherf*cker Challenge

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And it's time to lift the veil... [Jun. 1st, 2006|12:03 am]
The Classy Motherf*cker Challenge


[Current Mood |crazycrazy]

...and show off what we've done!

It's June 1st (at least where dayse and I live)! Stories that are completed should be posted sometime in the next 24 hours in your journal, website, etc. Then please post a link here along with your lyric, fandom, and pairing. I'll edit the list as we go.

Thanks so much for participating in this, guys! I hope everyone had fun. :D


8am Comes Too Early by drunken_nights
Hard Core Logo
Enjoy the pace of a life's embrace,
every breath you take will guide you

Death and Transfiguration by isiscolo
Stargate: Atlantis
Ford gen
Johnny's got a gun
Johnny's got some ammo
He lost his firing pin
A long time ago

Everything He Knows by strangecobwebs
Hard Core Logo
If you say you will, how can I know you won't?
I just can't wait around till everything I know is gone.

In a Cold Climate by katrin
due South
Thatcher/Kowalski, one-sided Fraser/Thatcher, one-sided Fraser/Kowalski
She says she hates me
Then later on she says she's sorry, she's sorry

New World Coming by tigs
Wilby Wonderful
Duck/Dan, et al.
Together they have built a world
A lot of it is real
And we are here to ease them through
The parts they can't conceal

Refugees by china_shop
Due South
So if we live our lives together
someone's always alone.

Right Where It's Severed by soundslikej
Hard Core Logo/Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Joe Dick/Billy Tallent
Let's not drag out the details
Salt the wounds
What good would it do?

Secrets of My Soul by lilac_one
You seek secrets of my soul
My misery I hope you'll miss.
Cast your hooks, I hope you'll catch
A glimpse of blinding bliss

Seeking Gold and Glory by joandarck
Due South
Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Now I can only do so much and I will never deviate
I hear myself take a deep breath
and think I must have wanted it this way

Snowball's Chance by liviapenn
If you look away even for a second
I’m bound to kick your ass and leave you
With the wreckage

System and Gradation by z_rayne
We caught a glimpse of everything
And no regrets just simple memories

Then Again by visionshadows
Wilby Wonderful/Stargate: Atlantis
18,000 miles across nowhere land
I'm scratching and I'm spitting
There ain't nobody listening
And things are kind of getting out of hand

Thinking in Reverse by lozenger8
Life on Mars
Sam, Gene, Chris, gen
Bottom lip quivers, rage is so apparent
Don't know whether to kill or cry
Don't know whether to rebuild or to burn it
You don't know how just to say goodbye...

A Useless Sort of Appreciation by bohemian__storm
Danny Dexter, Gen
You're trolling for friends
In a ghost town
Called uselessness

The Wide Expanse by sageness
Battlestar Galactica
Cause there's one thing that's intact --
They're my dreams and it's my turn to laugh

[User Picture]From: visionshadows
2006-06-02 03:07 pm (UTC)
No worries on the lateness. dayse and I are pretty informal. :)
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